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List "Napoleons" By ChrisinAZ

Notes: If you like big, prominent peaks with low saddles near sea level, this list is for you! Or to put it another way, short mountains with relatively a lot of prominence (Mt. Olympus being a classic example)...this list was created by taking every ranked peak with a prominence at least half of its elevation, and dividing the square of its prominence by its elevation. The resulting list includes a few giant prominent peaks in the intermountain West, but the vast majority lie near coastal California (including the numerous low-but-prominent peaks of the Bay Area, and the Three Saints), several peaks in the low deserts of Arizona and southern Nevada, many summits in the Cascades and the foothills thereof, and a smattering of the most well-known summits of northern New England. Two summits lie on islands off the west coast. Completing this list is very likely a harder endeavor than the 57 ultra-prominence peaks of the lower 48, and so far, only Ken Jones appears to have finished the list.

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