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List "Southeast Top 50 (+6) RORS Peaks" By wayfarer

Notes: This list based on omnidirectional relief and steepness (ORS), formerly known as spire measure, which measures a peak by height and steepness above local terrain, and lists based on reduced ORS (RORS), formerly known as reduced spire measure, which also includes a measure of the independence of a peak from higher-ranking peaks. These measures provide ways of measuring and ranking mountains which are different from both height and prominence. They also lead to an interesting measure of the ruggedness of a mountain region, called domain relief and steepness (DRS). For further explanation go to The original list, created by David Metzler can also be found here. There are two locations in North Carolina that make this list but neither are in the LOJ Database. One is 5,180' Hangover Benchmark, an unnamed subpeak of Haoe Benchmark, ranked #19 and is located about 2,000 feet north of Haoe BM at coordinates N35.3909, W-83.9676. For the purposes of locating it, I have substituted Haoe BM in its place. The other is a 4,880' shoulder of Boteler Peak and is ranked at #24. It is located about 1,000' west of Boteler Peak at coordinates N35.0695, W-83.6619.

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