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List "Trapper Creek Wilderness Peaks" By EricNoel      View Map of this List
# in list Name Elevation Saddle Prominence Line Parent Isolation Proximate Parent State Counties Quadrangle
1Soda Peaks, West4,540' 2,830' 1,710' Gifford Peak11.88 Red MountainWASkamaniaBare Mountain - Map
2Soda Peaks, East4,460' 4,260' 200' Soda Peaks, West0.56 Soda Peaks, WestWASkamaniaBare Mountain - Map
3Sister Rocks4,268' 3,536' 732' Timbered Peak2.19 Bare MountainWASkamaniaBare Mountain - Map
442604,260' 3,980' 280' Bare Mountain0.60 Bare MountainWASkamaniaBare Mountain - Map
5Observation Peak4,207' 3,780' 427' Sister Rocks1.38 Sister RocksWASkamaniaBare Mountain - Map
6Howe Ridge3,780' 3,380' 400' Observation Peak1.37 Observation PeakWASkamaniaTermination Point - Map

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