Cheyenne Mountain State Park peaks

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Cheyenne Mountain State Park peaks

Postby jesse gilmer » Wed May 15, 2019 1:27 pm

Now that Cheyenne Mountain's middle area is open to the public for hiking, a handful of (perhaps) unranked peaks are now accessible:

Robber's Roost is named in the trail map from CMSP: ... temMap.pdf
Here: ... =16&t=&d=r
It has an estimated 100 feet of prominence. It is probably class 2/2+ during the summer.

Point 9445, here: ... 16&t=c&d=r could be accessed, although the legality of that access is... very dubious. The ownership status of the land in that area does not seem to have been recently updated, though I have seen some claim that the antenna farm is within Pike Forest land. In any case, telecommunication workers obviously have access to this peak in certain circumstances. This is presumably the "middle peak" of Cheyenne, according to wikipedia (lol).
This is my guess at where the saddle is, giving it a prominence of roughly 195 feet: ... 16&t=c&d=r

This point is also very visually prominent from southern Colorado Springs: ... =16&t=&d=r
It also has a "station designation" marker from the US Army Crops with the name "Cliff", but otherwise is unnamed (I would think that it probably shouldn't be listed).

Cheyenne's summit could also be accessed via the Dixon CMSP route, although it would be a long hike (~18-20 miles RT).

Anyways, there are a handful of fun-looking rocks scattered around in the area, especially in the "Backbone" and adjacent to the ascent, which might entice someone looking to climb. The trail up there is quite pretty. Thanks are due to RMFI for their hard work in fixing it.
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Re: Cheyenne Mountain State Park peaks

Postby John Kirk » Fri May 24, 2019 12:02 pm

Added Robbers Roost and Dragon's Backbone.

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