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Bob Martin, 12er completer ?

PostPosted: Fri Jan 11, 2019 11:29 pm
by Andy Martin
TLDR: I'm suggesting Bob Martin be considered a 12er completer
even though he is missing peak 12381.

Bob Martin, who passed away in 2008, considered himself a completer of the CO 14ers, 13ers and 12ers.
I see there are older web sites that mention him as a completer, eg:
"According to a December 17, 2010 article, by Jilly Salva; Bob Martin, Mike Garratt, Ken Nolan, Jack Dais, and Teresa Gergen were the first five people to have climbed all of Colorado's 12ers."
It seems some newer coverage does not mention Bob, these
sites can be found by googling "Mike Garratt (unknown)" ... nown%29%22

Indeed, when we check LOJ we see that Bob is missing one 12er, namely 12381
and this peak was climbed by others while Bob was alive, per LOJ:
TeresaGergen 2007-06-01
Ken Nolan 1997-08-06
Mike Garratt 1991-06-29
Jack Dais N/A

Although I don't know why Bob is missing this one peak, my
guess is that he was never able to get permission to enter the area.
I do know that he was one of the most law abiding peak baggers
I've ever met. If a land owner told him not to go into this area,
then he would not.

In any case, if the current living completers think he deserves a break
on this, then I suggest that Bob Martin be considered a 12er completer.

Thank you - Andy

Re: Bob Martin, 12er completer ?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 13, 2019 2:33 pm
by John Kirk
In person, Bob told me there were two 12ers he didn’t climb. Richard Joseph has his records and has not been super open to sharing them. He did confirm 12381 was marked with a red “X” on his map when I asked about that peak in particular. As far as completing the list, I do not subscribe to Bob’s notion that “PAD” (permission asked/denied) gets you a completion. It’s not really different in my mind from other challenges peaks may present. As we all know errors in this hobby can result in death, so arrest/imprisonment risk should understandably also accompany requirements for completion if the goal/list demands it. It’s not a fair shake to those who did take a risk in pursuit of the goal.