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10140 validate

Postby DSunwall » Mon Dec 14, 2009 4:17 pm

Park county has 2 10140' unnamed peaks. We climbed the one in the Shawnee quad, I accidently checked the one for the 39mile quad. I deleted it and tried to add the Shawnee one. When I submit I get a validate peak list for a bunch of other stuff not specifically 10140. After trying several times I can't seem to get 10140 Shawnee quad to show as climbed by me.

Tried something different that worked. I didn't select 10ers and Park county, I just selected Park county, then 10140 shawnee and it worked fine, not sure why.
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Re: 10140 validate

Postby John Kirk » Mon Dec 14, 2009 9:53 pm

Choosing an elevation range and a county has no effect, except that both lists show up (10ers and the county list) up until a change I made a minute ago. Choosing a county is going to give you everything in the county regardless of what elevation you choose. Probably what happened is you clicked the submit button that was the second form on the page (at the bottom of a list that you didn't check peaks on). I just disabled multiple forms from being output, so now it will return only one list, in order of which option you have selected last from the top of the three options (Elevation is first, Prominence second, County third).
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