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Idaho LiDAR

Postby Scott Patterson » Mon May 06, 2024 10:08 pm

From Derek Percoski, Lost River Range FB group (I tried to screenshot, but it said the file was too big). Some of these haven't been updated on LoJ yet, so this might be useful.

USGS released the rest of the LiDAR data for the LRR today so I’ve excitedly been doing my nerd stuff. Here’s the big shocker: Diamond Peak is Idaho’s 3rd highest. Church is actually #4.
#1 Borah Peak – 12,666’ (was 12,662’)
#2 Leatherman Peak – 12,234’ (was 12,228’)
#3 Diamond Peak – 12,200’ (was 12,197’)
#4 Mt. Church – 12,195’ (was ~12,220’)
#5 Mt. Breitenbach – 12,149’ (was 12,140’)
#6 Lost River Mtn. – 12,079’ (was 12,078’)
#7 Mt. Idaho – 12,080’ (was 12,065’)
#8 Donaldson Peak – 12,039’ (was 12,023’)
#9 Hyndman Peak - ??,???’ (was 12,009’)
On Mt. Idaho there are 2 points 220’ apart that are very close—but the point to the southeast is showing just a few inches higher than the one with the register.
We won’t know Hyndman’s updated elevation for another couple years.
USGS Peak is 11,984’ (was 11,982’). It's now confirmed that it’s not a 12er nor will it reclaim its previously-believed spot as #10.
Peak 11967 is actually 11,985’. The 11,967’ spot elevation is also not the highest point. Those who have visited know it’s the middle of three summits that are very close. From north to south, the elevations are: 11,985, 11,980, 11,981—so it’s actually the lowest of the three summits
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