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Alaska Peak Names

PostPosted: Wed Jun 01, 2016 9:49 pm
by Scott Patterson
According to the following book: ... 089886724X

Shot Tower:


Ariel Peak:

Mount Arthur Emmons:

Flattop Spire:

North Triple Peak:

Also in vicinity are Serenity Spire 7500 feet in book, Trinity Spire 7500 feet in book, and Whiteout Spire 7600 in book. I haven't searched for the locations.

Middle Triple Peak:

Royal Tower:

The Throne:

Middle Troll:

Sugar Tooth (not on LOJ; 5.10+ A2 if you wanted to add it):

Eye Tooth (not on LOJ; 5.10 if you wanted to add it) :

Awesome Peak:

Amulet Peak:

Alabaster Peak:

Burkett Needle: