NV 3ers List

cp0915 has completed 127 of 280 NV 3ers with 300'+ prominence
24 NV 3ers with less than 300' prominence
300'+ Prominence Only?
# Name Rank Elevation Prominence Counties Quadrangle
1Red Benchmark65703,998' 563' ClarkBlue Diamond NE
2Dry Benchmark65713,994' 1,294' ClarkArrow Canyon SW
3"Little Hands Peak"65743,989' 331' ClarkNelson
4"Canine Crag"65763,982' 362' ClarkSloan
5"Ecru Peak"65843,975' 315' ClarkSloan
6397065863,970' 550' ClarkSloan
7396665883,966' 336' ClarkBlack Hills SW
8"North Twin"65913,957' 377' ClarkHidden Valley
9Fire Benchmark65943,947' 1,110' ClarkBitter Spring
10"Northwest Frenchman Peak"65953,942' 562' ClarkFrenchman Mountain
11"South Twin"65993,940' 320' ClarkHidden Valley
12Doherty Mountain3,940' 200' ClarkSearchlight
13"Perkins Peak"66003,935' 365' ClarkArrow Canyon NW
14Velvet Peak66053,918' 338' NyeBeatty
15"Rattlesnake Mountain"66073,916' 536' ClarkSloan NE
16"Chase Mountain"66103,910' 515' NyePoint of Rocks
17"Sloan Peak"66143,900' 560' ClarkSloan
18"Birthday Peak"66163,897' 677' ClarkArrow Canyon NW
19"Sheep Canyon Peak"66193,875' 415' ClarkMoapa Peak
20"Lonesome Peak"66203,858' 463' ClarkNelson
21"Northeast Frenchman Peak"3,858' 238' ClarkFrenchman Mountain
22"Dinosaur Fins"66213,855' 380' ClarkArrow Canyon NW
23"Mount Stocker"66223,854' 524' ClarkNelson
24"Little Davidson Peak"66243,849' 629' LincolnDavidson Peak
25"The Tri-Lambs - Dudley"66253,844' 384' ClarkDry Lake NW
26Beatty-NOS BenchmarkS3,834' 294' NyeBeatty
27"Cheyenne Mountain"66263,833' 463' ClarkBlue Diamond NE
28"Pigs in Zen Peak"66273,832' 371' ClarkNelson
29Bonanza Hill66363,795' 498' ClarkShenandoah Peak
30River Mountain Benchmark66393,789' 1,409' ClarkBoulder Beach
31"Mount Freedom"66443,770' 300' ClarkValley
32"Tortoise Shell Peak"66463,753' 653' ClarkSloan NE
33"North Fire Peak"66493,743' 807' ClarkValley of Fire East
34"Bighorn Peak"S3,743' 282' ClarkValley of Fire West
353740S3,740' 280' ClarkSloan
36Duplex Hill3,740' 200' ClarkSearchlight
37"Mount Golden Eagle"66553,704' 454' ClarkTule Springs Park
38Black Cone66563,698' 328' NyeCrater Flat
39"Thin Peak"66583,694' 626' ClarkValley of Fire West
40Skeleton Hills, West66643,672' 827' NyeSkeleton Hills
41Black Marble66673,662' 710' NyeCrater Flat
42"Hand Peak"66693,660' 720' ClarkArrow Canyon SW
43"The Queen"66703,660' 720' ClarkBoulder City NW
44"Arch Back"66713,660' 363' ClarkBoulder City SE
45"Elizabeth Peak"S3,660' 280' NyeBeatty
46"River Mountain Peak"S3,660' 280' ClarkBoulder Beach
47"Red Mountain"66733,654' 354' ClarkBoulder City
48"Bad Hill"66753,644' 424' ClarkHidden Valley
49"The Raven"66773,638' 439' ClarkBitter Spring
50Black Mountain3,628' 248' ClarkBoulder Beach
51Newberry, Mount66803,624' 964' ClarkSpirit Mountain
52"White Gold #7"3,620' 160' ClarkBoulder City NW
53"Bootleg Mountain"66813,619' 489' ClarkBoulder City NW
54"Tortoise Foot Hill"66823,613' 353' ClarkHidden Valley
55"The Pincher"66843,608' 388' ClarkArrow Canyon SW
56"Eagle Peak"66863,602' 404' ClarkNelson
57Cliff Benchmark66873,598' 328' ClarkWildcat Wash SW
58Black Butte66903,585' 682' ClarkGreen Monster Mine
59Point of Rocks66923,572' 374' NyePoint of Rocks
60"The King"66933,572' 312' ClarkBoulder City NW
61"Skull Peak"66973,550' 480' NyeLast Chance Range
62Game Benchmark67003,540' 675' ClarkApex
63353767013,537' 765' ClarkMuddy Peak
64"The Jack"3,517' 217' ClarkBoulder City NW
65Little Virgin Peak67053,514' 676' ClarkWhitney Pocket
66Peeper Benchmark67063,513' 493' ClarkBoulder City SE
67"Redstone Peak"67073,510' 1,312' ClarkBoulder Canyon
68"Mystery Cairn Peak"67093,510' 393' ClarkBoulder Canyon
69350067113,500' 320' ClarkBoulder City NW
70Juanita Benchmark67143,494' 590' ClarkRiverside
71"Elbow Butte"67173,488' 428' ClarkArrow Canyon NW
72"Mount Alex"67183,485' 385' ClarkMcCullough Mountain NE
73"Painted Prow"67213,468' 639' ClarkArrow Canyon SW
74"Foundation Peak"S3,466' 296' NyeStriped Hills
75Bitter Ridge67253,458' 620' ClarkMuddy Peak
76"Trench Peak"67273,455' 435' ClarkArrow Canyon SW
77Candy Benchmark67293,438' 898' ClarkMoapa Peak
78Gold Cross Peak67303,422' 1,470' ClarkHiller Mountains
79"Endless Peak"67333,415' 824' ClarkCallville Bay
80Red Cone3,410' 260' NyeCrater Flat
81"Mesa Mesa"S3,405' 295' ClarkBlue Diamond SE
82"Hidden Arch Mountain"67353,403' 663' ClarkApex
83"Cave Butte"67383,398' 378' ClarkArrow Canyon SW
84"Spider Peak"67393,396' 336' ClarkArrow Canyon
85"Beacon Peak"67403,393' 533' LincolnMoapa Peak SE
86Bark Benchmark67413,385' 645' ClarkApex
87"Pilot Mesa"67423,380' 640' ClarkBoulder City SE
88"East Redstone Peak"3,379' 197' ClarkBoulder Canyon
89"Pleasant Peak"67443,375' 395' ClarkSloan
90"Prospects Peak"67473,366' 331' ClarkValley of Fire West
91Sunrise Mountain67483,364' 944' ClarkFrenchman Mountain
92"Little Pyramid"67503,363' 312' ClarkBoulder Canyon
93Henderson Benchmark67533,358' 548' ClarkLas Vegas SE
94Lone Mountain67563,342' 552' ClarkBlue Diamond NE
95"Mount Turtle Island"67623,332' 312' ClarkSloan
96"Northshore Peak"67633,330' 1,132' ClarkCallville Bay
97"Surprise Peak"67643,330' 361' ClarkPiute Point
98"Secret Point"67653,324' 344' ClarkArrow Canyon NW
99"East Bitter Peak"67673,320' 318' ClarkBitter Spring
100Hamblin Mountain67683,310' 849' ClarkCallville Bay
101"Blissful Peak"67693,303' 513' ClarkDry Lake
102"Middle Bitter Peak"S3,297' 296' ClarkMuddy Peak
103Hamblin Mountain, West67713,294' 308' ClarkCallville Bay
104328467733,284' 741' ClarkValley of Fire West
105"Arrow Canyon Peak"67753,282' 352' ClarkWildcat Wash SW
106"Tortoise Peak"67783,237' 377' ClarkArrow Canyon
1073235S3,235' 295' ClarkDry Lake
108"Friendship Peak"67813,228' 368' ClarkDry Lake
109"Techatticup Peak"67833,225' 435' ClarkBoulder City SW
110"Mount of Caves"67853,215' 475' ClarkArrow Canyon SW
111"Sentinel Peak"67863,209' 420' ClarkBoulder Canyon
112Copper Mountain, East67873,208' 731' ClarkIreteba Peaks
113"Little Smokey"67903,190' 410' ClarkDry Lake NW
114West Longwell Ridge67953,186' 545' ClarkBitter Spring
115"Railroad Hill"68033,162' 302' ClarkBoulder City NW
116"Midway Peak"68053,161' 381' ClarkBoulder City SE
117315368083,153' 373' ClarkSpirit Mountain
118"Yucca Camp Mountain"68093,146' 406' ClarkBoulder City SE
119Weiser Ridge68113,127' 584' ClarkWeiser Ridge
120California Ridge68133,123' 646' ClarkWeiser Ridge
121312368143,123' 383' ClarkWhitney Pocket
122"South Arrow Cone"68153,116' 376' ClarkDry Lake NW
123"Divided Peak"68183,107' 607' ClarkDry Lake NW
124East Longwell Ridge68203,100' 426' ClarkBitter Spring
125Boulder Peak68223,094' 830' ClarkBoulder Canyon
126"Knife-Edge Peak"68233,085' 425' ClarkFrenchman Mountain
127"Mount Formidable"68243,083' 343' ClarkApex
128Pilot Cone68253,081' 461' ClarkBoulder City SE
129Little Cones, South3,081' 111' NyeCrater Flat
130"Weiser Ridge South"68263,077' 502' ClarkWeiser Ridge
1313077S3,077' 289' ClarkCallville Bay
132306868283,068' 328' ClarkDevils Throat
133East Longwell Ridge, South68293,065' 325' ClarkBitter Spring
134"Dry Lake Peak"68303,060' 640' ClarkDry Lake NW
135"Easter Island Peak"3,060' 160' ClarkBoulder City NW
136"Sneaky Peak"68313,058' 518' ClarkDry Lake
137Pyramid Peak68343,051' 722' ClarkBoulder Canyon
138"Mount Graybeard"68353,051' 525' ClarkBoulder Canyon
139Pinto Ridge68363,051' 525' ClarkBoulder Canyon
140Little Cones, North3,050' 60' NyeCrater Flat
141"Manganese Peak"68403,024' 777' ClarkMiddle Point
142"Red Barrel Peak"68413,024' 426' ClarkArrow Canyon
143Copper Mountain, West68423,022' 414' ClarkIreteba Peaks
1443020S3,020' 280' ClarkBoulder Beach
145"Gunshot Peak"S3,020' 280' ClarkArrow Canyon SW
146"Booth Pinnacle"68433,015' 423' ClarkBoulder Canyon
147"Unity Peak"68443,012' 552' ClarkFrenchman Mountain
148Echo Hills68453,009' 680' ClarkBitter Spring
149"Duane Peak"68473,002' 689' ClarkValley of Fire West
150"Piute Point Highpoint"3,002' 230' ClarkPiute Point
151300168493,001' 458' ClarkWeiser Ridge

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