WY 1,000+' Prominence Peak List Completion

doug72901 has completed 8 of 262 WY 1,000'+ Prominence Peaks   View Map

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Medicine Bow Peak3,243' 12,013' AlbanyMedicine Bow Peak
Shirley Mountains (HP)1,956' 9,151' CarbonThe Q Ranch
Warren Peaks1,800' 6,650' CrookSundance West
Mine Benchmark1,741' 9,121' NatronaBadwater NE
Pine Mountain1,273' 9,550' SweetwaterRed Creek Ranch
Hunt Mountain1,142' 10,162' Big HornLeavitt Reservoir
Medicine Butte1,138' 8,608' UintaEvanston
Muddy Mountain1,099' 8,310' NatronaCrimson Dawn

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