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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Charleston Peak8,257' 11,915' ClarkCharleston Peak
Wheeler Peak7,568' 13,063' White PineWheeler Peak
North Schell Peak5,413' 11,883' White PineNorth Schell Peak
Hayford Peak5,412' 9,912' ClarkHayford Peak
Moriah, Mount4,927' 12,067' White PineMount Moriah
Troy Peak4,790' 11,298' NyeTroy Canyon
Currant Mountain4,575' 11,513' White PineCurrant Mountain
Grapevine Peak4,558' 8,738' NyeGrapevine Peak
Mormon Peak4,034' 7,414' LincolnMoapa Peak NW
Rose, Mount3,636' 10,776' WashoeMount Rose
Jumbo Peak3,317' 5,761' ClarkJumbo Peak
Highland Peak3,285' 9,395' LincolnHighland Peak
Virgin Peak3,215' 8,087' ClarkVirgin Peak
Potosi Mountain3,012' 8,514' ClarkPotosi
Hyko Benchmark2,995' 7,950' LincolnAlamo NE
Muddy Mountains (HP)2,931' 5,431' ClarkMuddy Peak
Spirit Mountain2,899' 5,639' ClarkSpirit Mountain
Quinn Canyon Range (HP)2,587' 10,185' NyeBadger Gulch
Irish, Mount2,563' 8,743' LincolnMount Irish
Arrow Canyon Range (HP)2,446' 5,226' ClarkArrow Canyon NW
Harvey Peak2,425' 9,285' EsmeraldaLida Wash
McCullough Mountain2,220' 7,026' ClarkMcCullough Mountain
Bare Mountain2,217' 6,317' NyeCarrara Canyon
Gass Peak2,043' 6,943' ClarkGass Peak
Frenchman Mountain1,992' 4,052' ClarkFrenchman Mountain
Meadow Valley Mountains (HP)1,832' 5,772' LincolnKane Springs Valley
"Spring Peak"1,785' 8,756' ClarkWheeler Well
Moapa Peak1,691' 6,471' LincolnMoapa Peak
Dead Horse Ridge1,681' 7,061' ClarkDead Horse Ridge
Davidson Peak1,680' 5,340' LincolnDavidson Peak
Black Mountain1,632' 5,092' ClarkSloan NE
Magruder Mountain1,624' 9,044' EsmeraldaMagruder Mountain
Target Benchmark1,583' 6,043' ClarkBlack Hills NW
"Railroad Peak"1,526' 4,142' ClarkBoulder City NW
Ireteba Peaks, South1,500' 5,059' ClarkIreteba Peaks
Wheeler Benchmark1,485' 9,167' ClarkWillow Peak
46501,470' 4,650' ClarkArrow Canyon NW
Gold Cross Peak1,470' 3,422' ClarkHiller Mountains
Devil Peak1,462' 5,882' ClarkState Line Pass
Bonelli Peak1,413' 5,334' ClarkJumbo Peak
River Mountain Benchmark1,409' 3,789' ClarkBoulder Beach
Tramp Ridge1,408' 5,262' ClarkGold Butte
Sawtooth Mountain1,385' 6,005' NyeBeatty
Gap Mountain1,320' 7,050' NyeGap Mountain
"Redstone Peak"1,312' 3,510' ClarkBoulder Canyon
Rocky Point1,294' 8,274' ElkoPequop Summit
Dry Benchmark1,294' 3,994' ClarkArrow Canyon SW
Sheep Peak1,290' 9,750' ClarkSheep Peak
La Madre Mountain1,248' 8,154' ClarkLa Madre Mountain
Lime Mountain1,222' 5,482' LincolnLime Mountain
"White Basin Overlook"1,214' 4,446' ClarkMuddy Peak
"Ugly Brown Lump"1,200' 6,100' ClarkGrapevine Spring
McFarland Peak1,181' 10,744' ClarkCharleston Peak
Marble 2 Benchmark1,159' 5,379' ClarkGass Peak NE
Mica Peak1,148' 5,757' ClarkGold Butte
Crescent Peak1,137' 5,997' ClarkCrescent Peak
High Peak1,133' 4,037' NyeHigh Peak
"Northshore Peak"1,132' 3,330' ClarkCallville Bay
Blue Diamond Hill1,130' 4,950' ClarkBlue Diamond
"Macks Peak"1,129' 10,036' ClarkCharleston Peak
Wahguyhe Peak1,128' 8,628' NyeWahguyhe Peak
Jackson, Mount1,122' 6,412' EsmeraldaLida
Bird Spring Range (HP)1,115' 5,695' ClarkCottonwood Pass
Fire Benchmark1,110' 3,947' ClarkBitter Spring
"Pas Rump"1,070' 7,313' ClarkPotosi
Little Devil Peak1,050' 5,593' ClarkState Line Pass
"Cactus Flower Point"1,047' 7,493' ClarkMountain Springs
Stirling, Mount1,017' 8,218' NyeMount Stirling
"Salt and Pepper Mountain"1,011' 2,700' ClarkMount Davis
White Rock Hills1,002' 6,462' ClarkLa Madre Mountain
Palmetto Mountain1,000' 8,940' EsmeraldaMagruder Mountain
Meiklejohn Peak1,000' 5,940' NyeBeatty Mountain

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