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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Elbert, Mount9,093' 14,433' LakeMount Elbert
Pikes Peak5,530' 14,110' El PasoPikes Peak
Uncompahgre Peak4,242' 14,309' HinsdaleUncompahgre Peak
Lincoln, Mount3,862' 14,286' ParkAlma
Sneffels, Mount3,050' 14,150' OurayMount Sneffels
Longs Peak2,940' 14,255' BoulderLongs Peak
Grays Peak2,770' 14,270' Clear Creek & SummitGrays Peak
Evans, Mount2,764' 14,264' Clear CreekMount Evans
Antero, Mount2,503' 14,269' ChaffeeMount Antero
Princeton, Mount2,177' 14,197' ChaffeeMount Antero
Holy Cross, Mount of the2,111' 14,005' EagleMount of the Holy Cross
West Buffalo Peak1,986' 13,326' Chaffee & ParkMarmot Peak
Yale, Mount1,896' 14,196' ChaffeeMount Yale
La Plata Peak1,836' 14,336' ChaffeeMount Elbert

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