PA Top 100 Prominence Peak List Completion

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Name Prominence Elevation Counties Quadrangle
Shade Mountain1,460' 2,190' SnyderBeaver Springs
Big Mountain1,448' 2,458' Franklin & FultonMcConnellsburg
North Mountain1,395' 2,585' SullivanSonestown
Shade Mountain1,218' 2,228' JuniataLewistown
Pisgah, Mount1,004' 2,270' BradfordEast Troy
Lyon Hill1,000' 2,590' PotterSweden Valley
Laurel Hill864' 2,994' FayetteSeven Springs
Warren County HP801' 2,231' WarrenScandia
Blue Knob800' 3,130' BedfordBlue Knob
Clinton County HP785' 2,375' ClintonSnow Shoe NE
Bears Head784' 2,094' SchuylkillDelano
Pikes Rocks680' 1,995' WarrenLottsville
Davis, Mount663' 3,213' SomersetMarkleton

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