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Created by John Kirk
NameHas Completed:
AndyMartin3 Quads
BobPackard3 Quads
Brian Schultz3 Quads
ChrisinAZ3 Quads
Bill Jacobs2 Quads
Cliff Young2 Quads
DaveCovill2 Quads
DickEllsworth2 Quads
GerryRoach2 Quads
LauraNewman2 Quads
BettyBrekhus1 Quads
DavidNickoloff1 Quads
drdickie1 Quads
EmilieNickoloff1 Quads
esquared1 Quads
gamehiker1 Quads
GregSlayden1 Quads
JBS 1 Quads
JerryBrekhus1 Quads
John Kirk1 Quads
johnvitz1 Quads
KateDecker1 Quads
kirkmallory1 Quads
markrvdl1 Quads
PaulStratmoen1 Quads
Sharon Marie Wilcox1 Quads
VinceKloster1 Quads
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