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Created by John Kirk
NameHas Completed:
AndyMartin3 Quads
BobPackard3 Quads
Brian Schultz3 Quads
ChrisinAZ3 Quads
Bill Jacobs2 Quads
DickEllsworth2 Quads
BettyBrekhus1 Quads
DavidNickoloff1 Quads
drdickie1 Quads
EmilieNickoloff1 Quads
esquared1 Quads
gamehiker1 Quads
GregSlayden1 Quads
JBS 1 Quads
JerryBrekhus1 Quads
John Kirk1 Quads
johnvitz1 Quads
KateDecker1 Quads
kirkmallory1 Quads
markrvdl1 Quads
PaulStratmoen1 Quads
VinceKloster1 Quads
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